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    Like a lot of guys I am a big kid when it comes to to things that are gadgety....electronics, tools, buttons inside of cars, and.....flip top beer bottles.  I was looking for a beer to review for this week and was thinking of doing a wheat beer since summer is upon us (sort of, kind of, if the rain & 60 degree days ever go away), when I happened upon a bottle of Moosbacher Weissbier from Moosbach, Germany (the flip top caught my eye and immediately put me into my gadgety trance).  

    I got it home last night, popped the top, and poured a beer that literally gave me one of the biggest (at least two fingers), richest heads that I've ever seen.  Even as the head dissipated it stayed a nice one finger thickness through at least three-quarters of my drinking and left some trace of lacing on my dishwasher cleaned glass that I would consider less than "beer clean".  I enjoyed the pleasant aroma of lemon & bananas as I vanquished this easy drinking beer.  It didn't have a lot of mouth feel or leave a long aftertaste, but I found it to be an enjoyable drink that would probably be better served by a sunny, warm day than the dreary, cool night we were given yesterday.  This beer actually reminded me a lot of Upland Wheat, which I have always appreciated as well.  

    This isn't a super highly regarded beer, but is very drinkable. gives this brew a B- and only throws an overall score of 48 at our friends from Moosbach, Germany.  I'd recommend giving it a try, it was relatively inexpensive for a 1 pint bottle, and though it wasn't the best beer you'll ever drink, it's far from the worst and you can add it to your list of beers that you've tried.  To make sure you're paying attention and even reading this tell you what I'm going to do....anyone that comments on this article via the Lville Beer Facebook page between today and Friday will be entered into a random drawing and whoever I pick I'll meet you out at ValuMarket in the Mid City Mall and I'll buy you a bottle for you to try yourself.  A free beer, who's going to pass on that???

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