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    I rang Meghan on a Tuesday afternoon armed with an arsenal of decorating questions and color-pattern quandaries, excited to finally talk to the girl who has posted over 100 helpful how-to videos on her “Ask the Decorator” YouTube channel.

    Considering her vast array of accomplishments - published before the age of 30, 2 degrees, summa cum laude academic distinction, 2 years of nation-wide travel - I assumed she’d be a force to be reckoned with. Luckily, she was every bit the sweet and spirited ingénue that I had hoped she’d be.

    She’s coming to Louisville tomorrow, Wednesday July 6th, to talk about her book “The Meghan Method – The Step-by-Step Guide to Decorating Your Home in Your Style.” What follows is the breakdown of how Meghan’s 3 year project-in-the-making came to fruition and what she’ll be talking about at tomorrow’s book signing.

    Who is Meghan Carter?

    Meghan designed her own room at the age of 6 and like most little kids with such freedoms, took full advantage by choosing red, yellow, and blue wallpaper scattered with hot air balloons. Although her style changed as her interests changed, she never forgot the liberating feeling of begging her mother for the hot air balloon wallpaper even though her mom gave her the “Are you positive…?” speech on more than one occasion.

    Meghan believes it is this passion and complete lack of self-consciousness that allows children to be so creative and free-thinking. As we get older, we fear judgment and we don’t want to disappoint those around us. Her philosophy, and the reason she put the how-to guide together, is to help others figure out how they want each room in their house to feel, and how to decorate it accordingly.

    What motivated Meghan to transition away from creating videos to writing a book?

    Meghan realized that as her YouTube video audience grew, so did the volume of decorating questions she received. She had traveled the country for 2 years interviewing design and organization experts and created many of the videos from these experiences. It was a natural progression to provide her followers with a comprehensive (400+ pages, 3 years in the making) guide on finding one’s own unique style.

    To DIY, or not to DIY – what is Meghan’s philosophy?

    Meghan believes that Do-It-Yourself projects can result in beautiful, hand-crafted pieces, but can also be a surprisingly emotional, physical, and financial burden. Here are 3 things to consider before taking on a DIY:

    1.)    Do you have the time? Many people underestimate the time commitment and emotional stress of a DIY project. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family.

    2.)    Do you have the tools? Purchasing the tools necessary to complete the project can be more expensive than simply buying a professionally finished final project.

    3.)    Do you have the skill level? Remember this: professionals practice before they do a job, so it only makes sense that you should too. If you don’t have the time, energy, or desire to become a master at upholstery, you may want to consider bringing in a professional.

    What is the most important aspect of organization?

    Meghan has learned that being organized has to be easier than being messy. Why are jackets never hung in a coat closet? It takes 5 steps to open the closet, find a hanger, hang the jacket, stuff the jacket in, then close the door again. It’s far easier to just toss the jacket on the stair railing. She recommends hanging jacket hooks in the hall near the door to make it as easy to hang a jacket on a hook as it is to hang on a railing.

    What’s on the agenda for the book signing at Barnes and Noble at The Summit tomorrow night?

    Color is the #1 question Meghan is asked about, so she’s holding a session about finding the perfect color. She encourages attendees to bring a photo of the room to get a free consult.
    She’s charming and full of knowledge – it’s not a session to miss!

    Meghan Carter at The Summit Barnes and Noble
    Wednesday July 6th at 7pm
    Visit her website:

    Photo courtesy of Meghan Carter's website

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