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    When I was ten years old, my family and I went horseback riding in the Smoky Mountains. The gentle, dark brown horse I rode was named Chestnut and I fell in love with him. How could anyone resist big, cuddly Chestnut?

    When it comes to race horses, their names are tailored to appeal not to ten-year-olds; but to gamblers with money to blow and people searching for their lucky break. No one can resist placing their money on a fast, muscular horse with an intriguingly mysterious phrase for a name.

    So considering the horses participating in this year’s Oaks and Kentucky Derby, here are our choices based on names alone.


    Our Picks for Oaks:

    Image: Pinterest 

    Weep No More, #5

    Perhaps the owner of this horse chose this name as a shortened version of Weep No More About losing Money on Horse Races. Also, with a name straight from “My Old Kentucky Home,” this horse clearly must be Kentucky Proud, and we love that.


    Royal Obsession, #10

    If the Royal family attends the Oaks this year, this is surely the horse they’ll bet on, so we’ll follow their example.


    Go Maggie Go, #6

    We love this name because it tells us exactly what to shout during the race. “Go Maggie, go!” But then again, wouldn’t it be “Go Go Maggie Go, go….?”


    Dream Dance, #11

    In the spirit of payoff pipe dreams and drunken revelry...we love this name.


    Northwest Tale, #21

    Any horse named after Kim and Kanye’s daughter is a winner in our book.


    Our Picks for Derby:

    Image: Euclid Public Library 

    Suddenbreakingnews, #12

    We’d love for this horse to win because we’d love to run a story titled “Sudden Breaking News! Suddenbreakingnews Has Won the Derby!” 


    Dazzling Gem, #24

    Shine bright like a diamond. 


    Cherry Wine, #25

    Of course we’re going to root for the horse named after one of our favorite beverages.


    Oscar Nominated, #13

    Leonardo DiCaprio was also Oscar-nominated this year, and this year he won. We're taking that as a sign.


    Lani, #7

    Wouldn’t it be nice for a horse with an average human name to win the Derby for once? 

    Check out the complete list of horses running in the 2016 Oaks and Derby here

    Image: Euclid Public Library 

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