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    We see you appreciate a good vintage. But there comes a time to try something new. Click here to head over to the redesigned It's where you'll find all of our latest work. And plenty of the good ol' stuff, too, looking better than ever.


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    Stainless Steel Wallets & Purses

    $38 - $64. Prices vary.
    These Stewart/Stand wallets and accessories are not only cool; they’re functional as well. It’s no conspiracy that there is Radio Frequency Identification chips embedded in credit cards and passports making I.D. theft easy, but the thin sheets of stainless steel protects from unauthorized access. 

    Whimsical Children’s Clothing

    $40. Prices vary.
    Nina Rosenberg or “Ninarita” is a master seamstress with the NY fashion experience to back it up. Now her models are a bit smaller. She crafts children’s clothing that is so unique you’ll wish you were still in diapers.

    Cowboy Rubber Rain Boots

    $59 for a pair.
    The rain may have subsided for now, but it’ll be back, so why not show it who’s boss by wearing the only rain boot that I’ve ever seen with a heel. You’ll be singing and dancing in the rain.

    Leather Laptop Satchel

    $425. Styles and Prices vary.
    This is the real genuine article. 100% leather, 100% locally made. Oscar Parsons crafts these beauties using vegetable cured leather hides, tanned with tree acids rather than chemicals. They are hand carved and hand stitched ensuring their high quality design and durability.

    Where to find these: The Uncommon Art Shop, 10618 Meeting Street, Norton Commons (502) 426-0611.


    Historical Themed Chess Sets and Chessmen

    $65 - $75. Prices vary.
    You’ll have a hard time focusing on the actual game of chess with these colorful chess characters and boards. No one will blame you if you just want to play with them as action figures. Historical themes include the Civil War, Medieval, Pearl Harbor, Gladiators, and many more.

    The Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry Collection

    $60 and up. Prices vary.
    Jewelers Camrose & Kross have created replicas of the First Lady’s gorgeous jewelry. She is the epitome of American royalty. Who doesn’t want to emulate Jackie-O?

    Gettysburg War Figures and Play Mat

    $10 for army men

    $5 for map
    Who doesn’t want to play with this? You’re in command to stage your own battles, who knows, the Civil War might have a different outcome.

    Where to find these: The Frazier History Museum, 829 W. Main Street (502) 753-5663.


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    About Julie Gross

    I’m originally from Ohio, but have been a Louisvillian for half my life. I divide my time between hubby, 3 kids, too many pets, and the 930 Art Center. When I'm not, you'll find me running the trails in Cherokee or Jefferson Memorial Forest.

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