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    Bit to Do

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    Rosie Trimmer being crowned by the Germantown-Schnitzelburg #1 citizen

    You know it's going to be a fun night when the evening begins with the crowning of a pageant winner that sums up her acceptance speech with, "let's drink!" - except it wasn't. Perhaps it was the cold, but when I arrived at the Germantown Beer Walk, the few people that were there were huddled in groups, clutching their overpriced beers, even by bar standards.  The turnout was a bit of a disappointment as this was my first time at the beer walk, and up until that night there was a lot of hoopla over the event - especially when it was rescheduled from the weekend before derby to this past Saturday night.

    The beer walk hosted the crowning of its first Miss Germantown-Schnitzelburg, Rosie Trimmer.  The votes could be publically seen as they accumulated over the past few days so there wasn't any suspense in the announcement of the winner.

    The mother of two was born and raised in Germantown, and before accepting her prizes was seen yelling "I'm the queen!"  However, when Trimmer took to the microphone, her appreciation was earnest and touching as she professed her love for the neighborhood, and thanked Dan McMahon of Danny Mac's pizza because he is the moderator of the facebook page that hosted the contest.  Trimmer was awarded a crown, flowers, a sash, beer, and a baby redbud tree from GoGreen Germantown.

    The beer walk is obviously a Germantown-Schnitzelburg pride event, and the sentiment was clear by the amount of people donning "I Heart Germantown-Schnitzelburg" t-shirts.  However, it also seems like an excuse to legally drink in the street to the point of obliteration.  Saint Patrick's Day was only two months ago, is that time again?

    Aside from the pageant crowning, there were no festivities to speak of, unless you count the unoriginal rock band playing to a completely static crowd.  I can't blame them though - I wouldn't, and didn't, dance to it either.  Most attendants seemed to be enjoying themselves, others were overheard lamenting over the pain of dealing with the drunks later in the night, and cleaning up the mess the next day.  Bad music, overpriced beer, and no dancing - the Germantown Beer Walk, your average night at a bar, except this time you can take your drink with you when you step out for a smoke.  


    Photographs courtesy of: Warpaint Graphics and Photography 

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