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    “He worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium; a master." The description of the dad in Jean Shepherd’s “A Christmas Story” could apply to me at the holidays. Especially, when Christmas lights won’t work. 

    We have a 9 foot PRE-LIT Christmas tree. Each year when I pull it out of storage, I’d spend 3 days going bulb by bulb to dissect the sections that weren’t lighting up. There are times the paint would peel off the walls as the tedious process would drag on and on. Then last year, my wife said “maybe instead of having to invest in therapy for our boys because of your language”, let’s buy this LIGHT KEEPER PRO. 

    First, I get nothing from this...I am in NO WAY connected to this company.  But, It's information that needs to get out there.  What is a LIGHT KEEPER PRO? It’s a device that can identify which bulbs are causing the string not work properly. The official website says:

    Light Keeper Pro Quick Fix Trigger sends a shaped, electrical pulse through the defective bulb, clearing the shunt. This allows it to operate properly. The current can then flow through the light set completing the circuit and illuminating the other bulbs.

    BULLS&#T! It’s black magic. It’s evil Voldemort kind of magic, and I don’t care. I brought it into my house. This thing has single-handedly saved Christmas the last two years.

    You can watch a demo Video Here:

    See told you! The whole “shaped electrical current” thing is a cover up for the magic they have somehow shoved into this device. I am not an engineer. I don’t want an engineer to explain it. All I know is that it works.

    I talked about it on the radio show last year, and answered over 100 emails about what it was called and where to get it. This year, the calls and emails started before thanksgiving. They all asked “what was that magical device that fixes lights?” . LIGHT KEEPER PRO!

    Also good &%$#*^g luck finding one, We got ours last year at Wal-greens. They are SUPPOSEDLY available at Target and Meijer’s. However, workers at both Target and Wal-greens said they sell out AS SOON as the delivery truck drops them off. The best bet, order it on line.

    SO, unless you want your kids to learn some new colorful words when the tree lights, or lights in your yard displays go dark…get the LIGHT KEEPER PRO, a modern day Christmas Miracle.

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