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    Throughout history Kentucky has produced a plethora of celebrities and musicians who go on to do great things and bring a better image to our beautiful state and it seems as if we have hit yet another boom of potential celebrities right here in Louisville. As of late there has been an amazing increase of citizens in Louisville who admit to loving and supporting many local hardcore artist. Now with the definitions of music genres always under debate we may as well say in this instance that hardcore also encompasses metal and metalcore; which have an overwhelming amount of sub-genres themselves. For those unfamiliar with music within these categories you may find yourself slightly shocked by the volume and pace of the music, the flowing of bodies pushing against one another, and the all around extreme energy emitted by fans and bands alike at show venues; however, there are many who spend most of their lives waiting for those moments of pure adrenaline, being anonymous in a crowd that is moved by music in a whole new way. There is undoubtedly a sense of community at shows deemed hardcore or metal and as all other forms of communities, the music scene has also elected it's leaders; the bands. 

    Bands and musicians related to this music scene or lifestyle are very often extremely appreciative of all their fans and ensure that they can find some relation with their music. The bands are front and center at any concert, but in these local scenarios you are constantly put on the spot by potential fans who let their excitement, movement, and ability to relate to your words judge whether or not they decide to follow you on your journey through the ranks of the music industry. It is a tough spot that holds a large amount of possible stress, disappointment, and feelings of hopelessness which many fall prey to while chasing their dreams; but for every group that fails, there is at least one that finds a way to separate themselves from the masses and stand a little taller. 

    I had the pleasure of speaking to a member of a metal/metalcore band that has been working their way through the ranks for the better part of two to three years. The bands name is Stay Fubar (Facebook) and they have recently released their first single titled War (video link) from an upcoming EP named Pandaemonium and are more than excited to take their next step towards rock stardom, but dreams often come with a price, sometimes many prices. Due to the expenses that come with producing and recording an EP along with the price of making merchandise the band has asked that anyone interested in their upcoming EP visit their profile on (loacted here) and preorder their work along with any other merchandise they see. There are a few bundles listed ranging from $20-$50 that come with your choice of shirt along with the EP itself. Of course if one simply wanted the single they could spend 1.00 or 5.00 for the EP with the single as well. Their goal of $1,200 dollars has a status bar on the Indiegogo so any fans can watch their progress. 

    Andrew Hurt (bass/vocals) was present at our interview to discuss the story so far, their dreams for what is to come, and the excitement allotted to the members when their first bundle had been bought. "We do not expect to make the goal exactly," Hurt explained, "but for the shirts alone that is around $300 out of pocket." Add that on top of pricing to use studios and the plethora of other expenses that come with chasing down success in the music industry and you will begin to see why the band asked for some help. Although they've had a decent sized fan base to begin with after playing around 40 shows this year, they were still uncertain of how much would actually sell. "When we saw that someone had actually bought the $20 bundle it was really cool to think that someone would buy that and support us," Andrew explained to me while describing the excitement and sense of accomplishment that comes with making it as far as they have, being on stage and feeling the fans in front of you enjoying the music, but he would not dare take all the credit away from his band members or other groups that had paved the way. 

    "Anthony and Robbie were grade school friends but got split up going to different high schools, but at a party after graduation they met up and found out they had similar ideas and interest." Hurt was referring to Anthony Tran (Vocals/programming) and Robbie Valdez (Guitar) who he sees as the original founders, though they seem to mostly agree it was Anthony's project to begin with. "I came in about a year ago," he explained, "and Matlyn was part of our other project Eye ov the Storm so we brought her over as well." Andrew was referring to Matlyn Chism, the bands current drummer. He ensured I knew each members roles, importance, and shared enough enthusiasm about the new release for all his band members. Hurt did not forget those that have paved the way before however and also went on to mention a few local bands who have had tours out of state and one who appears to be taking a European tour soon. "They brought attention to the hardcore scene in Louisville," he told me, "and that has really opened up opportunities for other people in Louisville as musicians. 

    Stay Fubar is a local band on their way to the greatness associated with production and popularity, but no one has ever made it all the way on their own, so give their video a listen and show them some support either by buying from their Indigogo (here again) or sharing the video for their single War (Facebookwhich has been featured on BlankTv (here), a collection of hardcore, punk, and indie music videos from all around. Stay Fubar is a young, talented, driven group with a bright future ahead of them, so why not stop and check them out? If you don't particularly enjoy metal or metalcore, send it a friend of family members way. This is a chance to truly help Louisville locals realize their dreams and get their names into Louisville's hall of fame. Help make it happen. 




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