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    This summer was a hurricane of confusion and speculation as both Funtown Mountain and Will Russell suffered a public breakdown. Pulled into the maelstrom were Russell's other assets - namely, Why Louisville and Lebowski Fest. Why Louisville is now being captained by remaining staff and concerned neighbors, as Will Russell seeks help for his mental health. Lebowski Fest has received a number of complaints and criticisms, as online orders for merchandise went undelivered and queries went unanswered. Things are looking up as Lebowski Fest announces that orders will now be fulfilled and concerns addressed. Tyler Gill, manager of Lebowski Fest is back after leaving during Russell's mental health crisis this summer and he's making things right with Achievers. You can read his full statement below.

    Here's hoping Lebowski Fest and Why Louisville can pull through the damage dealt in the wake of Funtown Mountain.


    From Lebowski Festival, via email:

    Dear Achievers,


    Please excuse the length of this message, but please read through. 
     I've got certain information, man:

    Lebowski Fest founder/owner Will Russell has been suffering serious mental health issues as of late, which has caused Lebowski Fest operations to slide to a screeching halt. Orders from over a month ago have still not been processed, and for that we are all terribly sorry.

    My name is Tyler, I'm the manager of Lebowski Fest. At a certain point, I needed to leave the company so that Will could get help. He is currently undergoing treatment, and showing vast improvement in his overall state of mind. He has asked me to come back and set everything straight, which I am much obliged to do. 

    You may be a first time customer, and that's cool, or you may be someone who has shopped with us for years - and proud we are of all of you! The Achievers are more than just customers to us. We all share a great sense of community that Will and I both truly cherish. Now that you're privy to all this new shit, all I ask is that you consider we are a very small business, at this point made up of only myself and Will, and we are working through some very serious issues.

    All that being said, this message is being sent in regards to all orders made within the past 6 weeks or so. I will hopefully address most issues here. If I have addressed your issue, I ask that you please do not respond via email due to the high volume of emails I am receiving currently. If I have not addressed your issue, please respond and let me know how I can help:

    If you have an outstanding order that has not yet been sent out - I will be sending it as soon as humanly possible. It will take a while to get it out since many items in our inventory have been depleted, but I promise, I will get your order to you ASAP.

    If you would like a refund on an order you have made and not yet received -
     Unfortunately, I am unable to issue any refunds at this time. Soon, we will be able to issue refunds, but in the meantime, I ask for your patience and understanding.
    If you would like to exchange - again, I am unfortunately unable to do exchanges at this moment. I will address exchanges as soon as I get the back orders shipped.

    If you have disputed your charge and have already been issued a refund - please let me know ASAP by emailing

    If you are inquiring about low stock or absence of a product - I assure you, I will bring everything back to the site as soon as possible. Follow our Facebook page - every time I put something up or get something new in stock, it will be posted there.

    If you are inquiring about future fests, in's and out's, what-have-you's, etc. - would ya just take it easy, man?! Hopefully this message has provided some insight as to what is going on at the moment. We will be up to our old tricks as soon as possible. Please stay tuned.

    As I said before, Achievers are more than customers to us, which is why I feel it is very important to be open and honest with this whole fucking thing. And with Brandt as my witness, I will tell you this: I will do everything I can to fix all of this mess and make Lebowski Fest better than ever before.

    Take 'er easy,


    Photo: John Nation

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