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    A Journalist’s Journal: Local reporter Barry Bernson shares his new book at Carm
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    I am a creature of habit.  Sincere and sincerely strange habit – especially in regards to the sacred hours of dawn.  Unlike most of my 20-something brethren I am an early-rising morning sparrow, emerging in the smoky darkness of the wee hours to begin my daily rituals; 6am, whether on the job or off the clock.  Woe betide those who interrupt the solace of my morning-time Zen – unless you happen to be a news reporter.  By some inexplicable turn, I have become addicted to The Morning News and feel a warm, ridiculous connection to the well-manicured and often plastic journalists of the modern age.  7 o’clock on the nose; it’s a date Matt Lauer.  It’s an intimate connection as I sit on my couch with damp hair and a cereal bowl, a connection that empowers me with some star-crossed, globally-inclusive charge.  And I know I’m not alone in this platonic reporter romance.

    A local TV personality for more than four decades, Barry Bernson has been engaging viewers and garnering both fans and journalistic acclaim throughout his career in the valley.  With an eye for focusing on human comedy and a sincere knack for shining a spotlight on the extraordinary lives of ordinary folks, Bernson has endeared himself to many enthused early-birds throughout the Ohio Valley region.  With almost 50 years of feature reporting – in  addition to work as a film critic, news anchor and audio book narrator – Bernson now turns away from the camera and commits his voice to paper with his new memoir Bernson’s Corner: A Reporter’s Notebook.

    Stuffed with his own brand of humor and sacrificing none of that acclaimed style, Bernson’s Corner displays a wide array of both award-winning journalism and personal reminiscences from Bernson’s career.  With six Ohio Valley Region EMMY awards under his belt, as well as “Best Feature” honors from the Associated Press in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois, Berson brings to print all the investigative vigor that charmed audiences – and their cereal bowls – for decades. 

    Join Bernson at the Frankfort Avenue location this upcoming Thursday, July 12th at 7pm as he signs copies of the memoir and reads selections.  Copies of Bernson’s Corner: A Reporter’s Notebook are available for sale at both Carmichael’s locations for $24.95 hardcover.  Ready to shake up your morning routine?  I’m not either.  But give your Thursday evening a boost of morning-time magnetism as Bernson brings his journalism to life.

    Carmichael’s Bookstore has two area locations: 1295 Bardstown Road and 2720 Frankfort Avenue.  For more information, visit the event page or call the Frankfort Avenue store at (502) 896-6950.

    Image: Courtesy of Carmichael’s Bookstore website

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