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    Jennifer Lawrence
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    The jewelers at Genesis Diamonds, the Louisville-based diamond destination best known for its selection of diamonds for wedding and engagement rings, know that Louisville resident of all sorts share our passion not just for jewelry, but for the beautiful people we obsessively watch in our favorite films and television shows, or better yet, walking down the red carpet draped in jewelry to dream about.

    That said, we thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the most well-known Louisville-born celebrities — and their stunning jewelry — in action. Some of these celebs may be a little more stunning than the jewelry they wear (with both aesthetics and dazzling personalities being taken into account) but that’s alright!

    If nothing else, there’s a great opportunity here to use our imaginations and up the style of these iconic faces by looking through the lens of what they should have worn in the way of accessories.


    Jennifer Lawrence

    From a young indie film actress known mostly by critics, to a film franchise superstar and golden girl of Dior, this red-carpet-stumbling, Oscar's-ceremony-pizza-ordering star is on a constant rise. We’ve seen her range in films like American Hustle, and most recently Joy, and many fans look forward to seeing her in whatever the next project may be. Bonus points if she’s starring alongside Bradley Cooper yet again; we all loved Silver Linings Playbook!

    Acting, remaining elegant in the face of controversy and wielding the power to make every late night TV host in America laugh are far from Ms. Lawrence’s only talents. Judging by the picture above, Jennifer seems to also have a knack for pulling off stunning jewelry that frames her famous face just right!


    Sarah Wright

    Even if you don’t remember exactly where you’ve seen the face gracefully pulling off this double ear-piercing trend with tiny diamond studs above large teardrop shaped chandelier earrings, it’s likely that Sarah Wright looks familiar to you.

    Appearing as the pretty mean girl in the Anna Farris comedy movie House Bunny, as well as on hit TV comedies and dramas like How I Met Your Mother, Mad Men, and shows like 7th Heaven and Malcolm in the Middle back in another era of television, this Louisville-born model-turned-actress has made a space for herself in Hollywood and now lives comfortably in LA.


    Muhammad Ali

    You may know the boxer and outspoken activist pictured above as the greatest of all time (maybe as a guy who floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee?). But whatever comes to mind first, it’s almost a certainty that you know him, and it’s not just those of you who are current Louisville residents, or who were Louisville-born and raised.

    Those who were born too late to have ever seen Muhammad Ali in action have heard about his boxing expertise and the slick talk that he was famous for, even if their knowledge of his political and cultural activism is a bit vaguer. Ali is seen above on the night he received the Presidential Freedom Award, the highest civilian award possible to receive from the U.S. government, wearing a simple watch with what appears to be a silver face.

    Good choice champ!


    Hunter S. Thompson

    The inspiration behind the now-iconic Fear and Loathing Las Vegas, Hunter S. Thompson was an author and activist, as well as the man who invented Gonzo journalism, putting himself right at the center of the action. He is pictured above wearing a gold chain. For those who have seen him before, during appearances or in various documentary films, Thompson’s jewelry of choice for the night is a noticeable departure from his usual accessory of a cowboy hat.

    Seeing him here with Johnny Depp, the actor who portrays Thompson in the Fear and Loathing cult film, paying special attention to the choice of accessory (and Depp’s choice not to accessorize at all) it isn’t hard to imagine a quick fix in the form of an Omega or Tag Heur watch, adding a touch of sophistication to the night of debauchery that was likely in progress when this photo was taken.


    Jennifer Carpenter

    From Walden Theater here in Louisville, to Juilliard in NYC, Carpenter was destined for fame! The Exorcism of Emily Rose, White Chicks, Quarantine, and of course, the highly addicting Dexter, would not have been the same without this Louisville-born talent, just as surely as her stunning red carpet look ( pictured above) would not have been the same without the thick band of (assumedly) flawless diamonds around her wrist!

    Who’s ready for a revival season of Dexter after just talking about the actress who brought Debra Morgan to life?

    This article is sponsored by Genesis Diamonds, leading Louisville jewelers specializing in engagement rings and diamond jewelry.

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