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    Judgmental Map of Louisville
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    While browsing

    Louisville’s little corner of popular website Reddit

    , I came across something that made me chuckle - a judgmental map of Louisville. It mortified me a bit to find that I was so close to the line between “bearded hipsters” and a “mini-violent crime zone,” but I think the valiant music-loving crowd of Zanzabar buffers my tiny corner of the world.

    I haven’t lived in Louisville for too long, so my ability to comment on certain neighborhoods is limited. I have, however, encountered some stereotypical residents: the Highlands has a reputation, and so does Germantown. The East End is a bit… suburban, especially for my tastes. And they definitely got our traffic hang-ups right - the river and the south side are definitely nightmares of poor design.

    But what of the rest of it? I’m still exploring and finding my way into all the nooks and crannies - is the artist correct? Is Shively really that “lively?” Is the entire Northwest side really a giant superfund site? Is the Ohio River really our Berlin Wall with Indiana? And is everyone between Cherokee Park and Saint Xavier really drunk, white, and hung up on themselves? These are things I think I’ll leave to the long-time residents to determine.

    If you haven’t been able to make out the map above,

    click here for a larger version

    , and judge for yourself. I, of course, claim absolutely no responsibility for any offenses taken if you happen to live anywhere on the map, which you quite probably do.

    Photo courtesy of

    Judgmental Maps


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