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    Bit to Do

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    Cover photo by Adam Mescan


    Somehow don't know anything about Forecastle? It's OK; we've got you covered.

    For starters: What’s with the name?

    By definition, a “forecastle” is the part of a ship’s bow that holds the crew. Basically, it’s where the sailors partied. Louisville’s J.K. McKnight wanted to create that kind of fun-friendly space when he founded the Forecastle Festival in 2002. Starting as a low-key affair, it's grown to host the musical talents of bands like The Black Keys, Sam Smith and Wilco.


    So, it's a music thing, right?

    Good job! You've come so far already. There's lots of music over the three days of Forecastle, so you'll have no problem finding a group you like. See the lineup here.


    OK, but what about the food, though?

    Our advice? Show a local place some love. Here's some Louisville vendors you'll find cooking up grub, despite the heat.

    -Louisville Sushi

    Photo: Facebook


    -Holy Mole

    Photo: Facebook


    -Longshot Lobsta

    Photo: Facebook


    -Black Rock Grille

    Photo: Facebook


    -Hi-Five Doughnuts

    Photo: Facebook


    -La Chandeleur

    Photo: Facebook


    -Steel City Pops

    Photo: Facebook


    -Snowhat Snoballs

    Photo: Facebook


    Who else wants to take my money?

    Some cool local businesses, including:

    -Diaper Fairy



    -Kentucky for Kentucky



    What else is there to do?

    Festival-goers can check out a couple rides with a ticket purchase. There's the legendary sea dragon, and a Ferris wheel.


    Any other artsy stuff?

    Yep: The API Poster Show. Local designers will be showcasing their work. You might find some out-of-print or rare finds from artists like Subject Matter, Miss Happy Pink, Half Hazard Press and more. Plus, the artists are there to chat with. 


    What about the "sustainability" I heard about?

    There are a few different things you might want to know about, like:

    -Arcadia Power

    This company, a clean energy provider, powers the festival yearly with a promise of 100 percent pollution-free electricity.


    -PepsiCo’s Recycling Roadster

    Get inspired to recycle with PepsiCo’s Performance with Purpose! The hybrid van increases fuel efficiency and uses solar power.


    -PBR Trading Post

    This Clean Vibes partner promotes recycling and responsible waste management all weekend. Yearly, 100 bags of recyclable material is collected by festival-goers, preventing 70 percent of the weekend’s waste from winding up in a landfill.


    -Reverb #RockNRefill

    This program encourages festival goers to use custom designed reusable bottles instead of plastic disposables. All donations raised go to the Forecastle Foundation non-profit. Bottles are a minimum $15 donation and free to fill up.

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