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    With the snow plaguing our beloved town time and time again, there are several warm weather events we can look forward to, my fellow Louisvillians.

    1. Forecastle Festival

    Every summer, Louisvillians and people from all over the country gather to our beautiful waterfront to enjoy the diverse music that the festival has to offer. Whether you enjoy the mainstream sounds of artists like last year’s Big Boi or prefer the Ohio River Valley’s own celebrities, Houndmouth, there is something for everyone. So grab your Camelbak, bandana and your hula-hoop and warm up your winter by dreaming of Forecastle. Forecastle 2014 begins July 18 and ends July 20.

    2. Derby Season

    The most exciting two minutes in sports always puts Louisville on the world’s stage, and we love it. Right now, many people are preparing for the Triple Crown, planning their parties and designing their hats. We prepare all year for our Derby season festivities, but plan even harder to keep your mind off this blistering cold! Whether you’re planning your outfit for the Barnstable-Brown Party or researching ponies, there’s something to look forward to this spring. We’ll be having the big Thunder of Louisville kick off in just a few months!

    3. Louisville Bats

    Nothing says warm weather like the great American pastime. Bat’s games are a place for families to come together and cheer on our city’s favorite team or for friends to throw a few back and socialize. While it’s snowing outside this winter, just think of the sun beating down on your skin while you shove a hotdog in your face and wash it down with a cold beer. The season begins in March, so get ready to catch some foul ball souvenirs.

    4.  Captain’s Quarters

    If you’re above the age of 21 and live in the Ohio River Valley, odds are you have heard of the epic summer nights at Captain’s Quarters. It’s the perfect place to socialize, catch up with old friends and most likely run into some people you didn’t want to ever see again. If you like live music, good drinks and a beautiful river view, start dreaming of party nights at Captain’s. If you’re going to party hard, always remember to have your transportation planned ahead and steal your drunken friend’s keys. NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.

    5. Simple things

    Yes, there are many different events and festivities in Louisville over the warmer months, and I know I’ve only named a few, but what Louisvillian doesn’t enjoy the simple things such as walking your dog on the loop at Seneca or Iroquois Parks? We can never forget all of the outdoor activities available to us on the waterfront, including the Big Four Bridge, commonly known as the “walking bridge.” Even walking from bar to bar in warm weather can make all the difference in a night out with friends.

    While you’re forced indoors watching TV or stuck in the gym on the treadmill, just remember, in time you will be able to mosey around outside in a couple of short months. Obviously there are many other aspects of warm life in Louisville, but these are just a few to look forward to so you can get your way through the winter blues. But remember, you’ll be looking forward to fall during the dog days of summer.

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