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    The Kentucky Derby is the prom of Louisville. Your outfit is chosen, hair is done, and the anticipation is causing your heart to flutter. You’re ready for a fairy tale evening of music, dancing and horse racing. The Derby is the one night that a man can re-do his high school prom. Maybe your suit was ugly or your date left you for the star running. You now have the chance to get the girl back and style yourself like never before. I’ll be your fairy godfather and give you some flawless tips on a to be the Prince Charming of Derby.

    Tip: Go Great Gatsby.

    The roaring 20’s was a decade of distinctive cultural edge and fashion, and the costume of The Great Gatsby presents a perfect example of 1920’s tailored suits, dress shirts, ties, shoes, and accessories. Fashion tends repeats itself, and Great Gatsby trends will not only give a man a fashionable edge but also turn heads at the this year’s Kentucky Derby.

    Tip: Suit Up.

    A man’s suit is the fabric aphrodisiac to the female specimen. I believe it is crucial to make sure you’re wearing the correct length suit or jacket, one that fits you well. While being on trend is important, choosing colors that suit your style and the event is very important. This is the Kentucky Derby after all, so choosing lightweight wools, cottons and linen blends will help you with the weather – look for unlined jackets. You should feel powerful in your suit; it should enhance your swagger at the races. Make sure your suit fits perfectly; you want to look like you’re going to the derby and not to a courtroom.

    Tip: Don’t Lose Your Shirt.

    Go crazy and have fun picking out your shirt, there are no rules here except one: make sure it coordinates with your suit and tie. Colors that complement your complexion and personality are always the best way to go. Shirts with plaid, stripes, and even polka dots will bring your suit to life. You’ll never go wrong highlighting your pinstripes, handkerchief, shoes or socks with your shirt.

    Tip: Steppin’ Out in Sunday Shoes.

    Comfort! Comfort! Comfort! It is very hard to feel confident and enjoy your day if your feet are having a bad shoe day. If you’re going to spoil yourself and spring for some new shoes at the mall, don’t forget to break them in a few days before the Derby. In addition to comfort, shoes should be used to enhance and extend your outfit – so if you’re going for a trendy look, then pick out a trendy shoe. I recommend Two-tone spectator shoes or oxfords, the shoes of gentlemen. Some spectators have broguing, a decorative perforation or edge cutting along the stitching or on the toe. On the other hand if your outfit is slick and classic, then a classy shoe is your best bet. Just remember ‘classy’ should not limit your creativity.

    Tip: Show Your Colors.           

    There are a few different ways to add color to your spring racing outfit with men’s race wear. First, do not wear a black suit, you are not James Bond on a mission, you are at the derby to relax and have fun. I recommend that you opt for the brighter colors to complement the springtime instead. Young men in particular can wear lighter suit colors. If you’re wearing a khaki or beige suit, add just a hint of color in the shirt or your tie (and remember that your shirt and tie do not have to match). White is a fresh color, which can lift any outfit, so mix it with bold colors to create an urbane and edgy men’s race wear look.

    Tip: Real Men Wear Pink.

    If you aren’t the type to embrace pink then I respect that. For those who want to mix it up and put some pink in their style; go for a modernized Gatsby look with a soft pink suit or a salmon-colored double-breasted suit. Do not, I repeat, do not wear a hot pink suit because you don’t want to walk around Churchill looking like a highlighter. You’re bound to see variations of colored suits come the next round of fashion week coverage, so stay ahead of the curve and accept the shade, because pink isn’t going anywhere.

    Tip: Tie One On.

    Whether you choose to go for a tie or a bowtie, don’t forget it! Ties and bowties are the finishing touch for a man’s look, much like lipstick for women. A tie or bowtie can make or break the entire look for a man, so pay special attention to detail when picking one out for your outfit. Do something different this year. Don’t shop safe. If everyone’s staring at your tie, you can finally be the one to say “ Hey, eyes up here buddy.”


    Tip: Hats Up!

    You hat is just as important as the tie you choose. If you’re going for the Gatsby look, choose a flat cap, or a newsboy. This hat will bring the old-school look to life. If the newspaper boy hat is not your style, I recommend straw hats. A porkpie straw hat is an accessory that a man can never go wrong with, especially at the Derby.


    Tip: Don’t be That Guy With Those Sunglasses.

    Size matters, big glasses are good but not for Derby. Strike a balance between your style and what you can pull off, a man shouldn’t wear sunglasses so big that they cover your face like Darth Vader. Do not wear your glasses on top of your head. If you’re wearing them as some sort of weird, posy UV protecting tiara, then no. If it’s because you don’t have pockets, wait, if you’re at the Derby you better have pockets, therefore you should never wear sunglasses on your head. Retro is this spring’s main attraction; Tortoiseshell is a winner as are smaller frames. Invest in a good pair of shades and don’t ditch ’em. The brand of the glasses doesn’t really matter as long as can rock them well.

    Tip: Grooming is Not Just for Horses.

    There’s an art to being well-groomed. Today, more than ever, facial hairstyles play a leading role men’s fashion. You know what they say about a man with facial hair… he has to shave a lot. Whatever your signature style, from classic clean-cut to rugged stubble, following the proper grooming regimen that keeps you looking your best. Invest in a good razor and soothing aftershave for Derby season to keep your neck free of errant stubble and razor burn.

    Tip: Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk with Your Swagger.

    Swagger is an attitude, a manner that incorporates style but is not wholly dependent on it. Most of all, swagger is about conduct. How one presents himself/herself to the world, the ability to handle a situation with a sense of calm and uncanny grace. A man with the ability to maintain a healthy level of self-confidence without appearing arrogant has swagger. Keep this swagger in mind when you approach any situation at Derby and you’ll undoubtedly be the most charming guy there, whatever fashion choices you make.