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    An epic concert staring Demi Lovato was held at the KFC YUM! Center this past week. The concert was not only entertaining; it also conveyed an important message on what it means to be alive, and how to treat others. Demi Lovato shared that the goal of her tour is to inspire her fans not to take things for granted. Louisville Fans showed their support by cheering, singing along, holding up signs (even a sign that read “Kevin Bacon”) and listened as she shared personal things about herself, albeit a little reluctantly. “I’m tired of talking about my stories. It doesn’t define me as a person or an artist.”

    Act 1: MKTO

    The concert started off with the ever-energetic group, MKTO. The dynamic duo, Malcolm Kelley, stared on Lost, and Tony Oller, former co-star to Demi on As The Bell Rings. They warmed up the crowd with their songs: “American Dream,” “Love You Until Tomorrow,” “Thank You” and “Good-Bye Song.” For their finale, they performed their hit single, “Classic.”

     Act 2: Bea Miller

    The fifteen-year-old pop singer, Bea Miller, started her set off with “Dracula.” She then continued to wow the crowd with her hit single “Young Blood” and the ever-so-catchy song, “Fire N Gold.”

    Act 3: Christina Perri

    Cristina Perri radiated cuteness and charm as she came out to sing her set. The talented singer sang her hit songs “Thousand Years”, “Arms” and “Jar of Hearts” from her album “lovestrong”. As well as, “Human” and “Burning Gold” from her most recent album. The best part of Perri’s act was when she sang the duet, “Be My Forever,” with one of her band mates.

    Act 4: Spencer West

    Now Spencer West is in not a singer, but he was just as captivating as those on the stage before him. West came out on stage and told his powerful life story. Due to a genetic disorder, West lost his legs from the pelvis down when he was only five-years old. Later in life, West visited Kenya and became emotionally attached to the culture and people. He wanted to make a difference for people all over the world by spreading his accomplishments, compassions and beliefs. West even made the difficult climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to prove his point. West wanted to spread the message to have society, to stop focusing on appearance and focus on who people actually are. West did this by demonstrating that anything is possible and he is a living example.  He told the audience “I’m a warrior…I’ve got thicker skin,. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. My armor is made of steel…you can’t get in…and you can never hurt me again.” West inspired the audience to not take things for granted, that changes can be made, and as warriors, we have the power to overcome anything.

    Final Act: Demi Lovato

    Demi Lovato rose up through the stage to thousands of screaming fans. Lovato started off her set with: “Really Don’t Care”, “The Middle” and “Fire Starter”. Through out the concert Lovato stopped to talk to the audience. She expressed her love for her fans, “You guys mean everything to me. I can tell you anything and you would never judge me.”

    Lovato is not only a talented artist, but she cares about making a difference.  For her twenty-first birthday Lovato went to Kenya. She spent time there forming relationships and learning about the culture.  Demi Lovato cares. She cares about her fans, her music, and making a difference in the world. She sang “Warrior” as footage of her time in Kenya played on the screen behind her.  She then slowed things down and sang “For My Love is Like a Star,” “Don’t Forget,” “Remember Decemeber,” and surprised the audience with an acoustic version of ”La La Land.” Lovato also showed of her skills on the piano and shared her love for it. She started off playing a beautiful piece and then comically played “Mary Had A Little Lamb.”

    Demi Lovato also performed, “Give Your Heart A Break,” “Let it Go” (the Disney classic), “Got Dynamite,” “Heart Attack” and for an encore, “Neon Lights.” The best part of the night, hands down, was how much Demi Lovato loves Halloween. She loves Halloween so much that she performed Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” complete with a costume change. 

    The concert was spectacular and awe-inspiring. Demi Lovato is (in the opinion of this writer!) a wonderful role model and truly talented. It was a concert to remember!

    Photos courtesy of Demi Lovato’s Facebook Page  

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