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    We see you appreciate a good vintage. But there comes a time to try something new. Click here to head over to the redesigned It's where you'll find all of our latest work. And plenty of the good ol' stuff, too, looking better than ever.


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    Mike Nusser (Artistic Director) has a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Western KY University. A painter and sculptor; he has on display several pieces at Chez Moi, including an extremely large canvas that was used during the grand opening. Mike said, “At the Grand Opening 5 canvas were placed out and water guns with paint was filled for the community to use. 30 People came out and painted these canvases, with the paint guns, their feet, hands and at one point someone had somebody turned upside down and she was using her hair, it was great.” The canvas on display he said, "was his favorite and has been used in The Love of Magic at Bearnos by the Bridge."

    Glen Herre (Gallery Curator) works in metals. I had the privilege of being in his studio and saw the horse he is working on for the Derby. It was a sneak peek. All the edges of the horse flow, like the wind through a tree, they are smooth and the contour is perfect.

    Mark James, resident artist coming to Louisville by way of Ohio and recently Nashville, has a way of looking at nature and seeing something the naked eye normally would not see. He speaks of a life changing event that made him look at art in a whole new way. Traveling to study art, he studied form and background at the art in galleries in the US. James has a corporate background, and a shadow…a black Labrador retriever that follows him everywhere, Tommy, Marks service dog.  

    When I first met Mark at the Bodega, Tommy was with him. The Gallery I was looking for was closed so Mark and I stood outside of it and talked for about an hour about photography, art and Tommy, who was interested in everything. After that meeting, we made contact on Facebook and I got the first chance to see Marks photography. It amazed, and delighted me because I’d finally found a photographer who seen something in an insect, a flower, a bird or an object that others didn’t… The photographic style and technique of Mark James can only be described as digital poetry. His ability to balance the elements, symmetry, patterns, and experimentation with background and depth secures his place in the art world.

    Chez Moi Art Productions will present The Bluegrass Art Experience at Churchill Downs on Memorial Day Weekend May 26-28

    This is a family friendly festival that allows artist from KY, IN, and the region to showcase unique art on a grander scale. The Bluegrass Art Experience is dedicated to all form of art such as film, literature, visual arts, music, dance, theater, and the spoken word. The Festival highlights Louisville, KY. as a cultural and artistic epicenter.

    This is a free event, used as a platform to create the public awareness of several charities and raise money for them.

    One of the concepts James is working on is a databank to secure the ID’s for the homeless. He is currently in contact with the Coalition for the Homeless, and other State and County organizations in order to implement this databank.  Other issues at hand are veterans, breast cancer, the Federal Reserve and “a few surprises,” he said.

    Chez Moi Gallery has a vibrant atmosphere. It has artist receptions the 3rd Saturday of the month and Framers Supply has space within the Gallery, should someone wish to have a painting framed. They also rent it for fundraisers.

    Contact information as follows:

    Chez Moi Gallery:

    317 Winkler Ave

    Louisville, KY 40208


    1 (502) 714-2898


    Mark James:

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