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     Zappos is known for revolutionizing the online shopping world and with their Louisville based video team they have once again been many steps ahead of the curve by using funny but helpful videos to showcase their clothing products. 

    "When I was in Vegas I was a copywriter for Zappos and they knew I had a video background so they were like hey we have this video idea we are messing around with," Jason Menard, video production manager, said. "I got promoted to lead video guy and a couple of people from Louisville showed interest in helping."

    Menard said having to ship products from the Zappos in Kentucky, which is where all their products are located, was simply not cost-effective and very time consuming, so he had to make a suggestion, which he was a little hesitant about. 

    "I told the executives, if you guys want to start doing this right I have to do this in Kentucky," Menard said. "The main reason I suggested this was it seemed better because all of our inventory is here, plus in Vegas we didn't have space to build video studios."

    When Menard first arrive in Louisville it was him and a small team that first began the task of making videos of their shoe products. 

    "Two years ago we had only two or three people working on videos but now we have 20 people and we create 300-500 videos every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday," Menard said. "A majority of our team are locals but we have some people that moved here to work for us from other states."

    Sara Weinbaum is a video content editor for Zappos and moved from Baltimore to the Highlands to work for Zappos.

    "I was moving to Louisville anyway and my friend suggested I look into Zappos," Weinbaum said. "The attitude and culture of Zappos mixed with my video editing background seemed to fit together perfectly."

    Weinbaum said she was not sure what to expect with Louisville but she really fits in well with the Highlands.

    "I love Louisville," Weinbaum said. "I have been to many major cities but I love the Highlands and Louisville is one of my most favorite cities I have lived in."

    Menard was also slightly hesitant to move to Louisville from Las Vegas, Nevada.

    "I'm a navy brat and I was born in Scotland, lived in Greece, grew up in Florida and have been all over the states," Menard said. "I was a little hesitant to move to Louisville because of all the stereotypes you hear about but honestly it is my most favorite city that I have ever lived in."

    Menard appreciates his home in the Highlands and believes it is this area of Louisville that makes Louisville really stand out from all other major cities.

    "There is so much culture here," Menard said. "There is music, art, entertainment and I was pleasantly surprised that everyone shops locally and stays away from the big businesses. You really don't have that in other cities."

    With Zappos known for is revolutionizing ways, enriched culture and diversity within its business, Zappos is a perfect fit in the Louisville scene and so is the Zappos video team all of whom love and appreciate Louisville.

    "I liked the vibe at the Vegas Zappos headquarters but as far as the city is concerned I like Louisville 100 percent better," Menard said. 

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