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    Susan Jordan, the founder of and photographer behind Love Hunters, has shot more than 175 weddings and elopements, and now offers videography. Here are a few of her tips.


    What are some fun location ideas for group photos?

    I am all about convenience, ease and practicality of portraits on your wedding day. My favorite locations are always the ones we don’t have to rush to and from and have leisurely time at. Instead of choosing two to three different locations around the city, I love to utilize multiple nooks and crannies at the venue and/or a nearby location that I can get multiple looks from. My ideal locations for photographing weddings are actually when all activities of the day — getting ready, portraits, ceremony and reception — are at a single venue. These weddings are always the most enjoyable for all parties involved and often end up with the most variety in their photographs because we are able to play more versus spending all of the allotted portrait time driving around from location to location.


    “Trust your photographer's eye.”


    What is the importance of taking engagement pics, even if you don’t want them?

    Engagement photos are my absolute favorite thing to photograph. Besides capturing some portraits of my couples in their more typical element (versus being in their fancy wedding attire), engagement photos help couples build trust with their photographers. For me, this is more about getting to know how you all naturally interact with each other as a couple, in order to be able to direct you appropriately. Most couples are uncomfortable with the idea of having their photos taken and have often falsely convinced themselves that they are incapable of taking a decent photo together. I love proving my couples wrong by offering as much guidance as they need in order to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. I want to capture each of my couples in their essence. After this trust is fully established, and I have learned how they like to interact with each other during their engagement session, capturing them on their wedding day becomes a flawless, enjoyable experience for both the couple and the photographer.


    Shooting engagement photos help build trust between couples and their photographers.


    Are there any etiquette rules couples should follow?

    Trust your photographer’s eye. And if you can’t, don’t book them! I am going to be envisioning scenes and interpreting lighting differently than you, often to the point where you might be asking yourself why I chose a certain backdrop over another. Being able to find the best scenes and lighting for your particular mood and bring it to life through my photographs is a true art I have been perfecting for years.


    “I love to utilize multiple nooks and crannies at the venue.”


    What about guests?

    I feel bad that many guests are now afraid to take photos during the weddings they attend due to so many articles being published about how horrible guests can be. I mean, don’t get me wrong; my biggest annoyance during wedding days is when guests step in front of me or block the aisle during a ceremony. These are definite no-no’s, but are honestly instances I see less and less of at my weddings. If you are a guest and can refrain from taking photos during the processional and recessional at the ceremony, that is often best, so you don’t end up in every photo with a phone blocking your face. Believe me, the couple would rather see the reaction on your face when he or she is walking down the aisle. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t take any photos ever while attending a wedding, unless the couple has specifically asked for an unplugged wedding day.

    I also want family members to know that it isn’t rude to ask for a photo from your photographer on the wedding day (at least in my book). As long as I am not clearly busy shooting something else, I would be more than happy to grab that photo of your parents with your great aunt JoJo who is in town and you never see. These types of requests are important, and I am happy to accommodate.

    All photos by Love Hunters.


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