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    Some of us crunch numbers. Some of us watch workouts. And some of us tap our thumb and forefinger together a magical number of times as the Thoroughbreds come rocketing down the final stretch, as if somehow the tiny disturbances our fingers make in the air will press that challenger back a fraction of an inch, form a tiny headwind behind our pick and send them just far enough ahead to win by a nose. We all have our ways of picking a Derby winner, some rooted in logic, some not rooted in anything at all. So we got to wondering: What do the stars say? 

    It was easy enough to find the birth dates of each of the jockeys running in the Derby. We sent those to local astrologer Mary Keswani and asked her what she thought. She cautioned us about aiming for certainty: “If this were an easy task, someone would have devised a system for cashing in on all of the races. No matter how much information you sort through, there is always the element of chance.” With that in mind, here’s the analysis Keswani sent us, lightly edited for length and clarity:

    “On Derby Day, the moon will be in the sign of Capricorn. The mood is more serious, sensitive. There are often delays (this could be for any race, not just the Derby). At the time of the race the moon sits right between two powerhouse planets and is challenged by a third. I’d definitely consider Magnum Moon with these aspects. It is possible that there will be a late scratch, further complicating the field, and that the horses will form a tight pack, with the winner having to go around — possibly a long shot. This is one of the more difficult Derby charts I’ve seen. Could be a hard-fought race, literally. There is the possibility 
    of some bumping or physical contact. The trainers and/or jockeys for Promises Fulfilled, Justify, Magnum Moon and Firenze Fire and Lone Sailor look like they will have a good day. Bolt D’Oro looks good as well. Venus, the planet of money, is in a challenging relationship with Neptune, the planet of dreams and deception, so everyone should be extra careful with their cash and the amount of alcohol consumed.”


    Cover photo: Pexels

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