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    Let's be honest: You start to make up your mind about new restaurants before you ever actually try them. With that in mind, we decided to rate upcoming spots based on four categories: name, location, menu and our own personal excitement levels. This week: Couvillion, opening Monday near the Germantown Mill Lofts. 


    Name: 7.4 / 10

    Dylon Jones, web editor: 8. "It's hip, but to the point."

    Alexandra Winters, asst. web editor: 9. "It's simple and fun to say."

    Suki Anderson, art director: 7. "It gives you a clue, or at least makes you wonder what they offer."

    Anne Marshall, senior writer: 6. "I imagine many people will butcher the pronunciation."

    Josh Moss, editor: 7. "I had to click the 'Our Name' tab on the restaurant’s website to learn that couvillion (pronounced 'coo-vee-ohn') is a 'thick, rich fish stew.' It IS fun to say."


    Location: 8.8 / 10

    Jones: 7.

    Winters: 10. "I live at the Mill, so I'm biased. SO CONVENIENT."

    Anderson: 9. "It's in my hood."

    Marshall: 8. "It’s in my neighborhood, but I’m a little nervous it’s too tucked away for the masses."

    Moss: 10. "This place used to be Finn’s. That. Patio."


    Menu: 6.8 / 10

    Jones: 7. "The menu sounds great, and the cracklins’ are calling my name, but: I. Am. Sick. Of. Southern. Food."

    Winters: 5. "Not excited for more Cajun/Southern. Plus, no fries?!"

    Anderson: 7. "It looks delicious but is too meat heavy. I anticipate needing antacids."

    Marshall: 7. "I love Cajun food. But what’s here for the vegetarians in our lives? Other than fried Brussels sprouts and salads? How about some creative vegetarian takes on Cajun?"

    Moss: 8. "It’s Southern, sure, but (thankfully) no fried chicken or mac and cheese. Louisville has needed a great New Orleans-flavored restaurant for too long. Roux on Bardstown Road definitely wasn’t it."


    Excitement level: 8 / 10

    Jones: 6. "I’m sure I’d love this place, but I’m just not amped for more Southern cuisine."

    Winters: 8.

    Anderson: 7. "I’m ready to try, but I can't bring my vegetarian friends."

    Marshall: 9. "I just don’t get out much. So the thought of trying someplace new and hip is tantalizing."

    Moss: 10. "So far today I’ve eaten a banana. For the past 20 minutes, I’ve been staring at the Couvillion menu: barbecue ribs, chicken and andouille gumbo, blackened trout with grits, mussels braised in pepper jelly, red beans and rice. I’ll be eating that roasted half chicken for dinner tonight."


    Final Score: 31 / 40


    Cover photo: Cracklins' at Couvillon // Facebook



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