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    Photo by Chris Witzke

    We received 225 submissions for our second-annual Cover Pet Contest. Cats and dogs, sure. But also sugar gliders, Flame the albino corn snake, a pig named Phillip. One cat, a ragdoll called Mucca Moo, is named after the Italian word for “cow,” because Mucca Moo’s meow sounds more like a mooooo

    This year’s winner? A tie between a miniature horse named Winston at the Kentucky Derby Museum and Presley Jane, the eight-year-old American pit bull terrier pictured here. Each winner will receive a $100 gift card and a gift basket from Feeders Supply. 

    Presley Jane’s “mom,” Lindsay Beets, decided on the dog’s name because of her grandma’s love of Elvis. “When I saw her as a puppy, her grayish color almost looked like blue suede,” Beets says. For stretches from 2013 to 2015, her husband Jordan was on the border of North and South Korea with the Army. “I’d come home and cry and she’d be there for me,” Beets says of her dog.

    Photo: Presley Jane // Chris Witzke

    Presley Jane eats anything except cucumbers, rings sleigh bells on the front door’s handle when she needs to go to the bathroom and knows several words, including Pawpaw (Beets’ dad) and ride. “Never say t-r-u-c-k unless you’re ready to take her on an r-i-d-e,” Beets says. “We have to spell it out so she doesn’t get too excited.” She and her husband are staying with her parents in New Albany while their house nearby gets work done. “My dad said we’re not allowed to take Presley with us when we move out,” she says, laughing. “If we take her, we’ll hear a lot of breaking and entering. That’ll be him coming to take her back.”

    This originally appeared in the September 2017 issue of Louisville Magazine. To subscribe to Louisville Magazine, click here. To find your very own copy of Louisville Magazine, click here. 

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