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    Bit to Do

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    Jefferson County Public Schools is meeting this evening to make decisions about all the missed snow days this school year. Parents weigh in on making up snow days.

    I posted this on my Facebook page this morning to generate some discussion.  I do not have any idea what JCPS will decide, but I asked parents and friends to weigh in on this topic:  If JCPS (or other school systems) decided to make up snow days during spring break, how would you/your family feel? Here are some responses from various parents, of both JCPS students as well as other school systems including Oldham and Jefferson County Catholic: Editor E. Myers was the first to respond to my survey:” Well I have no children, but I think it would beat making everyone work into the summer .”

    Parent Amy S: “They won't. People who have scheduled vacations will take them anyway. Absent students hurt a district financially and that week would be a high absentee rate week for sure.”

    Parent Kristi K: “I wouldn't mind, but I'm sure I am in the minority.”

    Catholic high school parent Cindy S:  “Livid. They need a break. Snow days are not really a break ~ they are random interruptions. And high school is H-A-R-D and stressful: a nervous breakdown might happen if we didn't have spring break on the horizon, and this IS an extraordinary snow year if I recall.”

    Oldham County parent Stephanie W:  “I'd prefer taking from spring break over going into June even more!”

    Parent Dana D: “I also prefer that from going farther into June! I'm not sure what powers that be make those decisions, but it makes sense to me. And earlier this winter I pondered why the kids don't go to school during the summer and have the winter off. No bad roads to contend with, no "too hot" days, really no bad weather to contend with except the occasional storm. It's not like kids are needed to help out in the fields anymore!”

    Another parent said: “I wouldn't be happy. Feb-March-April are the longest parts of the school year, for both teachers and students. As stated above, snow days aren't really breaks. The planned break is needed. As a parent, I just have always left that first week of summer "free" because of the chance of snow-day / make-up days.”

    JCPS Parent Carrie V:  “We're going on a small trip during Spring Break, which we never do, which means JCPS will almost certainly decide to forego spring break and use those days as make-ups. The district and Mother Nature are determined to make me stroke-out this winter. JCPS can do what it wants on Spring Break--we're heading out.”

    Shelby County Parent Kelly M: “I am against it. I am pro year round school so going in the summer is okay with me.”

    JCPS Parent Amy H: “It wouldn't bother me since we have no plans, but I'm sure it would make some others very unhappy.”

    Another JCPS Parent Rachel G:  “We don't make plans either but I am on the fence. Today we will spend working on a science project and catching up on first grade homework. Not a break. At least if the weather is nice during break we can get out and have fun!”

    Parent Julie M: “I'd rather keep Spring Break, they need that week off. I wish they'd go to year-round also, with one- or two-week breaks throughout. There are times mid-summer when it's so brutally hot they may as well go to school.”

    Louisville Parent Mary S:  “Wouldn't bother me a bit!! Of course we don't have plans so I'm sure those people that do would be all up in arms. But I'm worried about if ANY retention will be happening right now with all the inconsistencies in schedules.”

    JCPS Parent Miranda G: “I think they said that as of now, JCPS's last day is June 9th. Groan. I'm not sure how I feel about them making up days during spring break. I think that would screw a lot of people up...people make plans a long time in advance for that. If that would make the year shorter than June 9th though...I don't know. I'm on the fence. The only thing I'm sure of is that they would have remarkably low attendance that week.”

    Southern Indiana parent Farah S said it plain and simple: “No way.”

    The Jefferson County School Board of Education is meeting this Monday evening at 7pm at VanHoose Education Center.  They will be discussing using February 24 and 25 as possible makeup days. According to this source, the last day of school for students in JCPS is Monday, June 9. Stay tuned to your social media sites and the media for their decision.

    Photo by Melissa Good

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