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    This originally appeared in Vol. IV of Louisville Swig, December 2015
    Photos by Adam Mescan

    A trip to the liquor store to stock your home bar can be intimidating. Even at smaller stores, it can seem like there are a hundred bourbons to choose from…and that’s just one type of liquor. Paul Flohn, co-owner of Bourbon and Belles — a new drive-thru liquor store at 2232 Bardstown Road — gives his suggestions for bar staples that will impress guests. 

    “My go-to bourbon that’s not too expensive is Woodford Reserve ($39). It appeals to everybody and has a great flavor profile. Most people, especially here in the state of Kentucky, aren’t going to have just one bourbon. Four Roses ($21) is a very good bourbon to have as well. Early Times ($12) isn’t even a bourbon; it’s a whiskey, but it’s good for mixing.”

    “It’s a very exclusive drink that certain people enjoy. I think Macallan’s 12-year ($64) is a very good scotch that appeals to pretty much any scotch drinker. They’re not going to say no.” 

    “I would suggest a citrus-flavored vodka, specifically Ketel One Citron ($28). It’s a medium- to high-end vodka, and if you’re making mixed drinks, it’s going to fit right in there with the drinks people like. For regular vodka, I like to stick with Tito’s ($21).”

    “My personal favorite is Tres Generaciones Plata ($36). If you’re making margaritas, Jose Cuervo ($19) covers that perfectly. If you’re going to put a twist of lime in it, on the rocks, Patrón ($50) or Tres Generaciones will cover that.”

    “You’ve got a lot of varieties of rum these days. It seems like rum has taken off. For just a basic one, Bacardi Superior ($15). Also, Captain Morgan’s ($20), because a lot of people drink Captain Morgan’s and Coke. Or Sailor Jerry ($22).”

    “I like Hendrick’s ($36). It has a very good flavor profile and it’s at the medium to high end. I don’t think you’re going to insult anyone if you’re making a gin and tonic or a martini with it. And then there’s the old go-to, Tanqueray ($26).”

    “I always like to have a selection of Cabernet or a Pinot Noir or Merlot. That kind of covers your red. Josh Cellars (Cabernet, $13; Merlot, $14), Bonterra Organic Vineyards (Cabernet, $22; Merlot, $14), Geyser Peak (Cabernet, $19; Merlot, $18) — any of those aren’t going to break your wallet and you won’t feel bad about serving them to guests.”

    “My personal favorite (white wine) is Grgich Hills Estate’s Fumé Blanc ($33). It’s a fantastic bottle of wine, and it’s not over-the-top expensive. If you have a Sauvignon Blanc and a Chardonnay on hand, that’s going to cover that. Joel Gott (Sauvignon Blanc, $10; Chardonnay, $14), Chateau Ste. Michelle (Sauvignon Blanc, $11; Chardonnay, $11), and Bogle (Sauvignon Blanc, $11; Chardonnay, $11) are good.” 

    That swanky orange bar below? It belongs to Charles Spivey, chief technology officer at Louisville Public Media. A friend was about to throw it out when Spivey rescued it and put it in his downtown condo. 

    Photo by Adam Mescan


    This originally appeared in Vol. IV of Louisville Swig, December 2015
    Photos by Adam Mescan


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