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    Five Things To Ask Your Head Shot Photographer
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    Just about everyone needs a good headshot these days. You might want them for a press or booking kit, your LinkedIn account or a dating profile. It doesn't matter what they're for. Headshots sell you, and how you present yourself has a definite impact on people's response to you. Benjamin Marcum specializes in Louisville headshots, and his work has been showing up all over social media. Marcum picked up a camera for the first time in high school. He became highly involved in theater and didn't shoot again until 2012 when he fell into providing professional photography services. Marcum had a solid grip on the basics, but he set out to devour any  and all new training, videos and information he could. He's built quite an impressive portfolio, specializing in headshots and portraits, but he says he is still learning all the time.

    "When I left the theater full time, I was actually going to be doing web design," he said. "Somebody needed a few shots for a web site, so I decided to pick up a DSLR. I figured it would be good to have around. I was right; I don't really do web design anymore."

    Marcum thinks he's taken a particular interest in headshots because of how much time he spent in theater. He had seen so many of them, it seemed natural to begin providing them. "Every face is so different and has it's own story. I love that."

    He also said that he believes he is hooked on the responses from his clients.He really enjoys taking people on a "ride" during the photography session, employing humor and conversation to put people at ease. He wants to capture a range of emotions, so he works with people to take them through the range. He said that people are usually a little stiff when they arrive, but by the end of the session they get to see and choose from awesome relaxed photos of themselves. "That's pretty cool."

    Marcum has suggestions for five things you should know before booking a photography session.

    • Look at the photographers work ahead of time. Ask for samples or a portfolio, and make sure that their work speaks to you. Make sure you want to be represented by their style of photography. 
    • Will the photographer direct you?
    • Talk about clothing before the shoot.
    • Are hair and make up provided? If not, are they available for additional cost? Can the photographer recommend how you should do your make up?
    • How will you receive their images?

    If you're looking for head shots in Louisville, Kentucky, you  might want to check out Marcum's web site.


    Header Photo: Headshots by Benjamin Marcum

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