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    Eat & Swig

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    Last week, we told you about five veggie burgers you need to eat right now. Our meatatarian readers may be interested in where to get the best plates of barbecue that our great city has to offer. Barbecue has definitely seen a few years of growth here in Louisville, but we’ve narrowed it down to our favorites.


    1. Burnt Ends
    Momma’s Mustard, Pickles & BBQ

    102 Bauer Ave
    Louisville, Kentucky

    Photo: Michelle Eigenheer

    Momma’s serves up hickory-smoked Kansas City style barbecue that, once eaten, will creep its way into your dreams. The burnt ends are cut off of some of the best brisket in the city. They’re crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside and the pair amazingly with sides of mashed potatoes and slaw. Opt in for the homemade mustard -- sweet and tangy and perfect for dipping.

    Word of warning: The burnt ends run out, so you may have want to call ahead.

    2. Brisket Tacos

    909 E Market St
    Louisville, Kentucky

    Photo: Instagram / EatLoveLouisville

    Tender brisket served up in a tortilla and smothered in cabbage, cotija, pickled red onions and crema. There is no better fix for your barbecue needs than the Mexican-style brisket tacos at Feast. Pair it with the mac and cheese (you truly will regret passing it up) and throw in an order of pork cakes if you’re feeling extra hangry.

    Oh, and there are bourbon slushies, in case you didn’t believe that heaven is, in fact, a place on Earth.


    3. Spicy Korean Barbecue

    4123 Oechsli Ave
    ​Louisville, KY 40207

    Photo: Michelle Eigenheer

    Korean barbecue is harder to find in Louisville than your Kansas City and St. Louis style. Stop by Charim and try the Jeyuk Bokkeum (if you tell them you want the spicy pork, you won’t have to try to pronounce it). Thinly-sliced pork marinated in a red pepper mix and grilled up with a mix of veggies, served with a side of rice. Korean-style dining includes a spread of side dishes. Pair it with several kinds of kimchi (of varying heat) or some savory peanuts. Need an appetizer? Order some mandu - deep fried dumplings stuffed with pork and clear noodles.

    4. Smoked Brisket

    921 Swan St
    Louisville, Kentucky

    Photo: Instagram / Louisvillecom

    The beef brisket tastes like it’s been smoked for ten years, with the all-encompassing smoky taste that’s characteristic of really good barbecue. It’s tender. It’s juicy. It’s perfect. Grab some brisket on a kaiser bun, topped with spring mix and tomato. There are literally five choices of fries to go with your barbecue sandwich - we recommend the truffle fries, fried in duck fat. Add some pork belly baked beans for good measure.


    5. Ribs from the BBQ Cowboy
    BBQ Cowboy

    (Food Truck)
    Regularly updates Facebook with locations.

    Photo: Louisville Magazine / Chris Witzke

    If you think about the cowboys of silver screen - old favorites like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood - they were always heroes, even at their worst. Now, I’m not calling Jim O’Higgins (the cowboy in question) an American hero, but I would suggest that smoked meats served up by a man in a cowboy hat offer up a particular heavenly taste that is hard to match. And if you’ve ever had the ribs served up from the back of this truck (a literal pickup truck, with a flatbed trailer behind), you know what I mean.

    So tender, they’ll fall off the bone, these ribs are worth the line you’ll have to wait in when the Cowboy rolls up. You don’t need sauce or silverware, just stuff your face with tender beef ribs. Want a side? Get a hot dog with it. I’m serious.


    Cover photo: alejik / Shutterstock

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